This video explains about Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and e-commerce S/W developed by SNS.
Video has following important information:

  • What is MLM and e-commerce business means?
  • How MLM system developed by SNS System?
  • What all feature SNS system MLM has?
  • SNS developed this MLM S/W with strictly following Gove of India guidelines.
  • E-commerce means shopping on internet as we all know very well. Some e-commerce players are Amazon, Ebay, Flipcart, Snapdeal etc.
  • MLM indicates direct selling plan which means members who register with e-commerce companies, members themselves are involve in marketing activities.
  • In MLM members do purchasing and also involve selling products through member’s hierarchy.
  • MLM works based on hierarchy or member chain in which member motivates to other member to join the hierarchy. In this chain member get benefited by selling of other member.
  • Amway is the company which is well known for MLM kind of marketing. There are many other e-commerce players which are following MLM concept to grow the business.
  • MLM business works based on very important entity BV which means business volume. Every product has price along with BV, when any member sells any product, its BV value gets accumulated in member a/c and based on total BV member commission gets calculated.

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